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At Alchester Village Pre-School we respect each child as an individual and celebrate diversity while appreciating and enjoying similarities and common bonds.

We celebrate a variety of multicultural events within our inclusive program, such as community, sports, educational, cultural and child-related themes throughout the year. These are displayed for viewing and we welcome family input for any additional special days that you would like incorporated.

Term Dates


There is a modified start at the beginning of the year to allow for times to meet the Educator and share information on your child and completion of forms.

There is also a maximum of a 2 week period where children attend for shorter times and in smaller groups to help them adjust to our setting.


Term 1: 28 January – 1 April
Please Note: The first week, exchange of information for all groups. Sessions commence following week with modified times
Term 2: 19 April – 25 June
Please Note: June 16  – Curriculum Day for 4 YO
Term 3: 12 July – 17 September
Term 4:  4 October – 17 December
Please note: Monday 1st November (the day before Melbourne Cup day) is taken as a Day in lieu by staff and a pupil-free day

Open Day is 19th June 2021


Term 1: 31 January – 8 April
Please Note: The first week, exchange of information for all groups. Sessions commence following week with modified times
Term 2: 26 April – 24 June
Term 3: 11 July – 16 September
Term 4:  3 October – 20 December
Please note: Monday 31st October (the day before Melbourne Cup day) is taken as a Day in lieu by staff and a pupil-free day.

Open Day

Held mid – June (Contact us regarding Open Day for 2020)

  • Families on our list will be notified by letter or email if they wish to secure a position for the following year
  • Payment of placement fee is done at this stage
  • Also open to all members of the community wishing to see our preschool, meet staff and ask any questions
  • Can place a child on our waiting list by completing an application form


Held mid – November

  • Families due to attend the following year are notified by letter/email to join us at the AGM
  • A guest speaker is invited who will give a talk on a variety of topics and interests
  • Election of Committee of Management
  • Reports from the committee, Educators are presented
  • Enrolment packs are provided to all incoming families, comprising of enrolment forms, orientation date, date and time of interview (information sharing) for the beginning of the year, information Booklet, confirmation of group your child will attend
  • Starting times for the beginning of the year


Examples of past events include Harmony Day celebrations where we encourage everyone to wear orange and celebrate Australia’s cultural diversity, AFL Grand Final where we are encouraged our children and staff to wear their favourite football colours and celebrate the end of the AFL Football season.

  • Book Week
  • Summer & Winter Olympic Games
  • Commonwealth Games
  • World Cup Soccer
  • This provides us with the opportunity to learn about different countries, their flags and the significance of their cultures

At Alchester Village Pre-School we also offer various incursions. These are offered across all age groups and range from music, dance, sports, and further educational programs such as traffic safety, fire safety and beyond.

Useful Links

We here at Alchester Village Kindergarten offer as much assistance, support and direction as possible. Please feel free to discuss any matter directly with us and we would be pleased to assist in identifying the appropriate guidance required or to recommend a helpful resource.

This collection of useful links will assist with common issues parents seek guidance on:

Australian Children’s Education & Care Quality Authority – educating and informing the community about the importance of improving outcomes in children’s education and care

Early Years Learning Development Framework in various languages – an Australian resource for parenting newborns to teens

Raising Children Network – an Australian resource for parenting newborns to teens

Kinder Tick Initiative – The Victorian Government is making it easier for families to find funded and approved kindergarten programs.

Play Based Learning – Alchester Village recognises play as the basis for children’s active learning

Health Information – Fact Sheets provided by The Royal Children’s Hospital

Sun Smart – Alchester Village Kindergarten is registered under the Sun Smart Program

Vehicle Safety & Child Restraints – understanding the requirements for child restraints and booster seats



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